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After completing his studies in English literature, Maan began leading international trips throughout Syria. Since 1990, he's brought his love for Syria and all the Middle East to his work as a professional guide.

Maan has knowledge of—and passion for—the nature, culture and history of this interesting corner of the world. He has lead trips in Syria for many overseas travel companies like Wilderness Travel, Abreicrombe & Kent, Page & Moy, British Airways Holidays and others. He has recently lead many VIP individuals and groups including, an American-Arab friendship delegation with James Zougby and two U.S. Senators, the American University in Cairo with Trusties and Professors, Calgary University-Canada, and Sydney University groups, international media groups, journalists, British historians and authors. In addition he has acted as co-leader on hiking trips in Europe (Tour de Mont Blanc-Classic Aleps) and leader of groups in other countries.

“I welcome you to a cultural adventure in Syria and the Middle East.”

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“Maan was very popular with our group. We appreciated his candor and his sense of humor.”


“Maan is a skilled, charming guide whom I’ve invited to visit me when he is in Los Angeles. He has a gifted way of dealing with people directly and honestly.”

Maan leading a group through ancient Apamea

“Easily the best guide we have had over years of doing this. ”


“Maan was excellent, and had an encyclopedic knowledge of Syria. An engaging and friendly personality: rates A to A+.”

Maan's Services Cover
  Guiding throughout Syria
  Designing itineraries (Advising) for all kinds of tours (Private, family, educational, archaeological)
  'Syrian Heritage' tours for those who would like to visit their family's
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