Krac des Chevalies

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The crusader castle of Krac des Chevalies (Crac des Chevaliers)

Crac des Chevaliers (Krac des Chevalies), is 65km. (40 miles) west of Homs. The greatest of all Crusader castles, and one of the greatest sights of Syria. The Crac des Chevaliers was described by T E Lawrence as ‘perhaps the best preserved and most wholly admirable castle in the world’. Here, all that was best in both European and Middle Eastern military design combined to produce a castle. Without doubt, it is one of the greatest masterpieces of military architecture in the world, showing the full flowering of the Hospitallers’ style (knights of St. John), which went far beyond the stolid adaptations of Byzantine models that had previously influenced the castles of the first half of the 12th century.

Tourists inside the Castle Crac des Chevalies

Other important castles in Syria include:
Saladin castle (Soane castle)
Margat Castle (Al-marqab)

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